Bear oil

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Apr 10, 2014
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I make a mix of one part bear oil by volume to two parts melted beeswax. Jojoba oil in itself does not work as well as sperm whale oil. Dixie and other outlets sold it years ago and if you are lucky enough to have some treat it like gold. Jojoba oil if esterified will be closer to sperm whale oil. I think Fred Stutzenburger ran a test some years ago on different patch lubes including whale oil, jojoba oil with a benched and scoped muzzle loader. However he did it back East whose climate is different from the Rocky Mountains where I live and shoot and hunt so I need to run my on tests. Young Country Arms made something called 103 lube that was a product of the canning industry to lubricate factory machines. It claimed to be made from all natural ingredients and was safe. I even made and ate popcorn with it. However I can't find it anymore. Gene High from near Arlington, Texas used to make and sell Gene High's Bore Seasoning Lube. After he passed away Pat Surrena bought the formula and continued to sell it as Gene's. After Pat passed away a friend Clark has a few tins left and the formula. A local friend tried marmot oil and liked it but the season is short and marmot hunting is a challenge.


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Nov 19, 2012
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I rendered out 2 quarts of pure, clear bear oil, using a crock pot cooker. I use it for my hunting lube. A little goes a long way. Stays liquid down to freezing temperatures. Turns to grease at lower temps. Works well for any light oil lube job. Makes the best shortening for pies and cookies also.
To get good oil, it should be rendered at a lower temperature than used for tallow.