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FOR SALE Beaded Knife Sheath - Final Price Reduction

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Dec 11, 2020
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Pacific Northwest
I have a beaded knife sheath for your consideration, KNIFE NOT INCLUDED. The beadwork is on deer hide. The sheath is saddle stitched with simulated sinew. There is no welt. The two pieces are whip stitched together at the top opening. The strap on the back is for attaching to your belt.

The beadwork is lazy stitch. The beads are #11 old Italian seed beads. The colors are Chalk White, Cobalt, Greasy Yellow, Cheyenne Pink (white lined pink), and Corniola D (white lined red).

Length of the sheath is 9”.

For reference, the knife in the sheath is a Green River Buffalo Skinner.
Standard Green River Buffalo Skinner has a 6-1/4” blade and 10-3/4” overall

Price $150 US Postal Money Order, price includes shipping.

Now $130 US Postal Money Order, Price includes shipping


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