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SOLD Back Up For SaleFusil de Chase .62Cal Flintlock!

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Oct 17, 2006
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I have for sale a really nice .62 caliber Fusil de Chase smooth bore. The fusil is unsigned but the builder is a highly skilled craftsman, witness the precise inletting and excellent form it has. It has been used but not abused witness the wear on the butplate and entry thimble from use there are a few small ticks in the stock, see picture, but nothing detracting or serious. The lock is a Davis early French style. The barrel I am not sure, but it is nice. It is octagon at the breech transitioning to 16 side just prior to the double wedding band finial then round for about four inches to a single wedding band then round to the muzzle. The bore is shiny and without problems. The lock is fast and throws a good shower of sparks. The vent is bushed and properly located. All of the metal parts are steel and nicely browned. The barrel has the usual turtle front sight. There is a sling band on the forestock and a button on the buttstock to use a sling, see photos. The stock is highy figured curly maple with an oil finish. All in all a good looking, correctly styled and solid gun.
The particulars are: Over all 58" barrel 42" length of pull 14&1/2" drop at comb 2" weight 7lbs 9oz.
I am asking $1250 plus shipping. Payment by postal money order, bank check or personal check with time to clear.


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