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May 9, 2005
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Just back from Whispering Pines rendezvous near Wellsboro, PA. Had a good time, shot - badly, but had fun singing Thursday and Friday nights.

A lot of folks, spooked by the predicted storm, packed it in Saturday afternoon or evening, and the camp was like a ghost town by Sunday morning. We packed up some of our extraneous stuff Saturday night, but stayed overnight, and packed up the 20x20 Marquis Sunday morning (when I was looking for an 8x12 wall or similar, I lucked into the deal of the century on a Tentsmiths monster a few years ago).

Luckily, the rains held out until 9:40am, and we got everything packed up and started driving just as the heavens opened up. It made for a tough drive, but the canvas stayed dry, and we got to my mom's summer home 1 1/2 hours away, and just got home tonight.

I bought a few things, sold a few things off my blanket, and got most things unpacked and put away. Very tired, but glad I went, and I lan to go again next year.

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