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With my old Benjamin Franklin pellet gun and two pumps I can keep 5 shots into 1/4" at 12 feet in my shop. If I don't do this on a regular basis my groups at the matches open right up to disgusting. The point is that if you have an accurate rifle it won't matter if you don't keep up the practice. I'll let others define an accurate rifle.
I have the same gun. Good for around the house practicing. Slows you down like a ML between pumping it up and inserting one pellet at a time. I usually go for 3-4 pumps which will swing some little metal targets.
Somebody mentioned it depends on the day, that is for sure. Some days I can’t miss, then 24 hours later it’s like I never shot before. You just have to relax, shoot and enjoy even the off days.
In our little competition group "on any given day" certainly applies. I recently shot what I considered a mediocre score and placed first. The next week I bested that score by 20 points and came in 3rd. I don't worry about placement. My goal is to shoot the best I'm capable of. If I do that it is a very good day. If not then it's still a good day.
Never said what my groups were, I can usually expect a 2" group a 50 yds from a rest. I usually shoot from 40 yds with about the same result, if I'm getting 1.5" or less I'm a happy camper.
I have shot many, many 3 shot groups from the bench with all shots touching. When young I could hit steel chickens off hand at 200 meters regularly. Then I got old and hurt my left shoulder. Can't hold the rifles up anymore.
For me and where I live, group size is hugely dependent on what the wind is doing. On a calm day from the bench I can shoot 1” groups at 50 yards and 2-4” groups at 100 yards with my jaeger.
If it’s windy (15-25 mph) then 50 yards groups open up and 100 yard shots are something I won’t do at large game. If you need a number - I’ve seen 5 shot groups of 8”-10” from light bench guns win prizes at a match where you have to score what you did. This is in windy conditions (10-20)and variable light.
Oh, and I missed a very nice whitetail buck at about 25 yards once with the same rifle. Nerves and flinching affect group sizes…

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