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Austrian Fowler

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45 Cal.
Sep 15, 2003
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Cleveland, Tennessee
Here is the English interpretation of what Fernando wrote in Spanish up above.

Ramon Larrangas, Historical Synthesis of the Armory, page 123. Bustindui, Pedro Ramon de Maestro Armero, Eibar (Spain) 1820-37. The brand and reference offered by the Swiss Institute. Also does not coincide with others of the same name and surname registered. It should be said that by a certain analogy he is paired as Jose Ramon de Butindui, son of Juan Esteban and Teresa de Ascorta, born in Villareal de Alava on 2/5/1795, which over time became a renown gunsmith in Eibar. The only reference reviewed with brand is due to the other New Stokel. Other wise it is, therefore unknown. If it is the case, correcting through time, the most approximate would be a certain Pedro de Bustindui who in 1720 was transferred to the Slillos factory to work together with a group of Basque gunsmiths. Because it does not coincide with Pedro Jose Bustindui and Ruiz de Bernardi born in Eibar in 1742 and died in Palcencdia in 1816.

From that, I gather that it was probably Pedro Ramon Bustindui, master armorer at Eibar 1820-1837, who probably made the Spanish barrel on my Austrian fowler. Jakob Senger, who made the fowler in Vienna was in business 1807 until his death in 1835.

Thank you, everyone.
May 6, 2023
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Hanger and all

.......el cañon (barrel) es italiano. El punzon dice:ROYALE (Real) FABR (Fabrica). La L y la E de ROYALE estan agrupadas en la misma letra, para ganar espacio.

Afectuosamente, pero perdonen, el ingles no es mi idioma
May 6, 2023
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Feltwad and all

El cañon (barrel) ha sido producido por Juan Ibarra. El punzon dice IVAN (Juan) YBARA (Ibarra). Los españoles usaban la Y en lugar de la I. Y la I en jugar de la J

Apr 23, 2020
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Kuna, Idaho
I got this fowler a few years ago at an auction.

Here are the statistics;
The barrel is 33 7/8 inches long. About 14 gauge. The L.O.P. is 14 inches. The barrel is held to the stock with three keys. Number 2 is engraved on the tang. The stock is made in two parts with the joining sections directly below the "Wedding band" where the octagon barrel changes to round. (It is not broken. It was made this way.) The pistol grip is unique. I'm not sure if it represents a griffon or a gargoyle. The tip of the ramrod appears to be horn. The touch hole lining appears to be gold. The weight is exactly 6 pounds on my digital bathroom scale. Engraved on the lock plate is "Senger in Wein". It has a roller frizzen. There is a rabbit engraved in several places. There are no other markings that I can see.
I believe this fowler was made c.1820 in Vienna (Wein) Austria by Jakob Senger.

There are two things that I hope the esteemed membership of this forum can answer for me.
1. The gold inlet barrel markings. Three fleur-de-lis all seem the same. There is writing on the band that binds the three parts of the fleur-de-lis but it is too tiny to make it
Any meaning to the cross with the two "feet"?
The inlet with the crown on top has some lettering that you may be able to read. What is it's meaning?
The bottom inlet is badly worn, but it appears to me to be a lion with front paws raised, and a long upright curving tail.
Could any of these marks be a family crest?
2. My second question is about the maker of this fowler, Jakob Senger. I have learned that he lived 1768 to 1835. He came from Wurzburg, and began his apprenticeship in
Vienna in 1796. He became a master gunsmith in 1807. That is all I know about him. Does anyone have any more information about this man?

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If the breech & barrel checked out to be in safe shooting condition it should make you a classy shooter :thumb:
Relic shooter