Apparition hunting?

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Dale Lilly

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Apr 9, 2012
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Several years ago [more than I wish to say] I was hunting on the Little Weiser river drainage in Idaho. At that time it was legal and fairly safe to hunt in my leathers. As I worked my way down a hillside, I saw two young guys sitting on a large rock scoping the valley below. My moccasins made no noise as I approached from behind them, I got within about fifteen feet of them, cleared my throat loudly and … they turned quickly [fortunately did not shoot me]. The look on their face spoke volumes. What year is this? … who is this? Is he real or a figment of my imagination? With mouth open and an incredulous stare they were frozen in place. It was great fun and they turned out to be really nice guys who had never seen a real muzzle loading rifle. They looked it over and then asked me about my dress and how that rifle worked. We spent about fifteen minutes together; they went down into the valley and I took a quiet position behind trees and bushes. What happened then? You can read my post in the 'The Hunting Journal' titled 'Spike Buck and Four Bears' ;) Polecat