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Anyone keep a journal?

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Jan 16, 2020
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Dear Meriwether .
Iv'e kept diaries of travels & hunts for the last 60 odd years . This dosn't make me' Queen of the May 'but has provided me reference often day to day , that I now draw apon to write a book .Perhaps as hoped several .Non of them starts' Dear Diary' but do give details of oft forgotten incidents and the er 'colourful 'mode of transport I recoursed too( since I never had a car I drove bar the odd time ) There are 23 of these sometimes very dog eared accounts with addresses in the back & some have drawings .peppered with poetry and song quotes . A snapshot of a life lived that in many cases cant be repeated in this slideing into the abbis world we currently seem doomed to endure, I was born in WW2 maybe Ile go out in WW3 ?will it matter? probably not much to me but what a mess my children might have to cope with . Well that's a good two pennorth on the subject.
Regards Rudyard
I suggested a book several years ago. Looking forward to reading yours. Have a working title yet? Maybe “ Regards Rudyard”.