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WITHDRAWN Antique Knife

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Oct 5, 2021
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Philadelphia PA
Wingfield and Rowbotham Knife with antler-handle. Blade is 5-inces and overall the knife is just under 9-inches. The blade is straight and sharp but has some light scattered pitting; however the makers’ mark and harp and crown motif are clear.

Wingfield and Rowbotham Co of Sheffield, England operated from 1851-1904, prior to that it carried the name of other business partners –first incorporated in 1751 as Hoult, Rowbotham, Wingfield and Wade. The crown over harp insignia appears on trade bills 1890 and later, but may have been stamped on knives earlier. Knife was likely part of a set and has been re-handled.

This was in the bottom of an old-timer’s possible bag, wrapped in a handmade sheath. It’s seen over a hundred years of use and is ready for one hundred more.

Asking $70 $22 shipped in the USA. PM for details.


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