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Another Hey from NC!

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Aug 4, 2022
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North Carolina
Thanks for allowing me to join and participate. I am located in Raleigh area of NC and have been shooting black powder since the mid '70s.
I "accidentally" bought a pair of 1860 Army revolvers when I went in a local gun shop in Los Angeles. The proprietor had ordered the pair, consecutive numbered, NIB for a client who canceled order. Being barely of age to buy in CA, I jumped on them, not really knowing if the price was right or if I would like BP shooting. Total impulse buy and not typical of my character, even back then.
Well, the price was $150 for the pair, which was a lot of money for a college student back then. But they sure are fun to shoot.
And that experience led to a couple of CVA kit builds, then the realization that I could do better than CVA. I found Jim Chambers and the rest is history. All of my long rifles since about 1984 have been Chambers parts, Rice barrels, except for a mountain rifle from Don Stith's shop. I have become an accomplished woodworker but absolutely love the projects where you mate wood to metal and the resultant beautiful and functional piece.
Thanks again for letting me in your circle.
If there is interest, I can post some pictures of my builds. Would those go best here or in another thread? Asking for proper etiquette.

nit wit

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Jan 20, 2005
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Welcome from Maine. This is for introductions only. Post away in the other threads. Photos are always welcome!
Nit Wit