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Apr 15, 2022
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I received my 2nd Investarms Hawken about a week ago. The LH model that got shipped in right after I had given up and bought a RH Hawken a week before that! I spent the last couple of weeks collecting and making stuff to be able to shoot. The hammer was hitting way off to the outboard side of the nipple so I had to deepen (very gradually) the lock inlet. It is still off center but will rub on the stock if I move the lock deeper. The hammer also could come forward but the gun fires no need for any more "fixing". I have a hammer coming from Track of the Wolf that I may try heating and bending if it fits the same way. The little adjustment screw that will shorten the front trigger pull after it is set that comes on the gun is useless....way too short. On my gun that screw is an M2.6 x .45 thread. Much harder to find, even on line, than the M2.5 that is mentioned in many threads on this. I did find them at Hobby King. 10 for somewhere around $.30. I filed it down to a length of .260 inches (length of the threaded portion). It worked very well and still fit close to the trigger plate. So yesterday, FINALLY got to shoot the gun. First time ever shooting a ML rifle. Wow, what a blast! I'm 77 and I think I will be mountain man when I grow up...summers only. Thanks to so much info I was able to gather from this forum I avoided making any disastrous mistakes on my shakedown shoot. Here are my first 6 shots at 50 yards, which is about as far as I can reasonably see with open sights. Circled shots I was sighting in windage and then I left elevation where it was. I'm not any more accurate than that anyway.


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