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Jan 26, 2022
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Well, most of my heroes anyway, lived during the 18th century.....

Just read an article on FB about McCulloch's Leap. This event took place in Old Virginia just a bit north of where I'm sitting right now in Shawnee Territory. Up there around Wheeling, near Fort Henry. It's described as the best and most daring escape in military history.

It caused the 200 or so Mingo, Whyandot, and Shawnee Indians to rethink the siege of Fort Henry thinking that such bravery of a white leader would surely bring bad things down upon them should Major McColloch return with reinforcements.

They don't make many men anymore like they made them in the 18th century......

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Nov 22, 2011
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Unfortunately, the artist's rendition actually detracts from what he did...,

It looks like he is going off the cliff and into the water. If the river or creek was swollen or something from rain, he and the horse might make it OK.... this suggests the water helped. BUT he didn't hit the water. He went over the steep side, and when the pursuers look down, McColloch was still mounted, far below, and riding off in the direction he'd go for more help.

Other accounts mention that after horse and rider reached the bottom, they then waded the water to the other bank, and rode away, going for help...

McColloch's Leap


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