After market nipples what are the differences

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Jul 25, 2021
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East Northport NY or Marlow NH
I guess I took a YouTube video advice on Slick Shot nipples for 1851 Navy. I replaced them simply because they were recommended over stock nipples. Slick Shot makes a bunch of stuff for slicking up revolvers and lever rifles. I’m just curious what others are using my primers still get stuck and occasionally will jam the revolver if I don’t take my time. I have not epoxied the safety slot on the hammer though I polished it. Heck they didn’t epoxy them in 1851 and sub. I’m not swapping them out at the present but was wondering what you all were using and had good anti suck success with? The slick shots are nicely made stainless steel have a hole drilled in the side. Supposedly less prone to seizing. Anyway that’s it. Thanks

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