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SOLD Adirondack style pack basket

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40 Cal
Dec 2, 2018
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Glasgow Ky
Hello folks
Im getting started weaver pack basket and I thought I post it before it’s done. It’s going be a large-xlarge size basket With straps.
Its 22in high roughly 13 x 9 at the base and the middle circumference roughy 52in . the basket has solid hardwood popular bottom.
Buyers choice on the color of straps red , black and cream colors. The choice on stain or natural finish . If it’s left natural it will have a couple of coats of Thompson water sealer. And the stain is just stain because it has danish oil mix into the stain.
thanks for looking kybp

price of pack basket 250.00 due to the oversize shipping . shipping is included.

I’m started take basket orders of Christmas orders now . Pack , flat bottom or berry baskets . Pm for details on ordering baskets.


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