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A place to shoot in NW Arkansas

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Been really amiss about updating this thread. The fall shoot is going on this weekend. The last couple of shoots were a little slim due to covid-19. I understand there are several new vendors and attendance has picked up. If y'all are close by it will be worth attending. Hope to see some old friends tomorrow.
Went to the Saunders Memorial muzzle shoot at Luther Owens park. Connected with some old friends, made a couple of new ones. I was surprised to find some of my old friends were still with us. Also surprised to see many younger shooters, the firing line was busy and packed. Got to handle a pristine Charleville Continental musket from the revolutionary war. It sold for $1995 a little rich for me sigh.
The Early Arkansas Reenactors Association (EARA) used to ronny there. I never attened one at that even. Miss those days. They have a web site for info. Good group. BTW, I have been told there is some high quality chert flint in that region.
They have moved this one a few miles out of town. Pretty nice setup.