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SOLD .54 Lyman Great Plains Hunter rifle w/tang sight

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Jul 24, 2018
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Good condition Lyman Great Plains Hunter .54, with the hard to find tang sight. Also a Lyman front Globe.

I actually bought this from a member here probably about 2 years ago. I never fired it. Bore has dust and oil in it but rifling is strong.

$500 shipped, firm, I'm not looking to haggle but I'll throw in 2 boxes of Hornady .54 Plains bullets I have laying around.

I prefer PayPal F&F but I'll take mailed payments.

No BS, no trades, this is a solid deal with shipping included. My hot water heater went, I was on the fence about listing this but life happens, so here ya go.

If you're going to offer to pay me 8 months from now, tell me you saw one at a garage sale for $450, want to trade 2 quad tires and 15 barrel bands for a Dreyse needle gun , offer to pay in turquoise beads and copper, please just save both of our time and withhold comment.


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