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SOLD 49 lbs Lead Ingots SOLD

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Sep 12, 2020
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House Springs, MO
*Box #2 of 2 from same batch as the last ad.

Hey guys, got some more done last night. This is almost entirely sheet lead, except for 2 little pieces of pipe that's all that went in this. Not a good pic but it was a bunch of rolls of really soft pliable sheet. Even rolled up and folded over a dozen times you could make it wobble around. This is really good, soft stuff for sure. All the tin solder on the roofing lead was trimmed off as well.

This is 83 small ingots with a total weight of 49 lbs. (343,000 grains!) Packed up tight with bubble wrap and taped well.

$107 shipped USPS Priority to your door within the U.S. PayPal friends and family preferred for payment, but I could also use Venmo or CashApp too. Thanks for looking! Justin
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