2022 Summer Rendezvous' - Who is going and which ones?

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Aug 3, 2021
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Summer Rendezvous season is just in front of us and I thought it would be nice to know who is going and to which one. Perhaps we can meet in person some of the folks we've met here.

I'll start by saying we will be coming down from Alaska to attend one or more. Here is our current thinking.

American Mountain Men National Rendezvous June 25-July 2: although this should be an obvious one for us to attend, because we haven't yet situated all of our Rendezvous stuff in the lower 48, and the strict adherence to period correct everything (which is fine by the way, especially since the AMM is a member only event) we may only make an appearance for a day or two. We will see.

1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous June 29-July 3: if we decide to do an appearance at the AMM Rendezvous then we will definitely attend the 1838 Rendezvous since there is an overlap of dates. These two actually make the most sense from a timeline perspective.
WELCOME | 1838rendezvous

Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous July 7-July 15: This starts the same day the Green River Rendezvous starts although it last about twice as long. If we do this one we will have to cut it short as we need to be in Kentucky the following week to meet up with some friends.

Green River Rendezvous July 7-July 10: This starts the same day as the Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous. I would say this is the least likely for us as it is mostly a flatlander immigrant event.
Green River Rendezvous - Museum of the Mountain Man

Decisions decisions. How about you?