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SOLD 2 shirts for one low price - Muslin and striped - Size 1X

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Ohio Rusty

40 Cal.
Aug 21, 2004
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I have 2 shirts that are too big for me. The are probably at least a 1X as I wear an XL and they are baggy on me. The muslin shirt has bone buttons for the collar buttons. There was a repair of a small hole that isn't really noticible, and if you look close inside the collar area, there are some small rust stain marks on the INSIDE of the shirt, they don't show on the outside. (probably from a metal hanger). The striped shirt is a lighter weight - great for summer. The color of the stripes are actually a wine color, not as pink as in the photo. There are no stains or holes in this shirt. I'm hoping to find someone who will enjoy these shirts. I'm asking $25 for both shirts together - (that's only $12.50 a shirt!) and $11.50 shipping.


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