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SOLD 2 bags of .735 roundball and swan shot

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Aug 21, 2004
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I found 2 bags of .735 roundball cast by Rushcreek roundball and they are out of business now I think. I also have a bag of self made swan shot which is a period correct shot. The shot weighs 1 and 1/2 pounds. One bag of 735 round ball sells for $20.95 at TOTW. How about $25.00 for all of it - both bags of round ball and the swan shot. That sounds like a fair deal for someone needing ball for their Bess ...... If you think that is too much cost, let me know.
Being it all weighs more than 13 ounces, it will have to go priority mail - USPS small flat rate box for $9.65. Total is $34.65, and I can do paypal, postal money order or cash. Thanks for looking.
Ohio Rusty ><>


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