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1st shots out of my new flintlock

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Apr 28, 2021
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a little testing today 50 cal GM LRH barreled renegade. white lightning flash hole liner, 1st 6 shots with schuetzen 3f 80grain. last 2 with swiss 2f 80grains
495 grain no excuses bullet (.500) First 3 shots


sighting in Last 2 center with swiss

Thought you might find this interesting too,,, i was shooting up my pre measured loads from deer season,, spit patch between shots,

The left patch is with schuetzen, right is with swiss!! & the next one was even cleaner!! Guess i'm gonna have to stick with the swiss full time!!
This shooting was offhand iron sight but at only 25 yards .. still ok for an aging fellow!! The shots were getting a bit slower, & i noticed my flint had broken off bout 1/3 of the right edge after bout 4 shots.(of 8) ,, i kept shooting , quitting after the last 2 centered (one really lucky it was so slow!!) This flintlock is going to be/is fun!!