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SOLD 1861 Navy .36 Cal.

Muzzleloading Forum

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Sep 14, 2020
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Northern Arizona
Replica Arms, El Paso Texas, Older company now out of business
When I got this was told it was 60 Army. (NOT)
Believe to be made by Uberti, all finish 95 -100% Not a lot of Lawyer marks
Trigger pull about 2 pounds
$350.00 Shipping included
Thanks for looking


  • 1861 Navy El Passo.jpg
    1861 Navy El Passo.jpg
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  • 1861 Navy.jpg
    1861 Navy.jpg
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  • 1861 Navt Ser#.jpg
    1861 Navt Ser#.jpg
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  • close up.jpg
    close up.jpg
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  • 61 navy revolver.jpg
    61 navy revolver.jpg
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