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1858 Remington Brass real ?

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Mar 23, 2023
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Been looking , maybe some help:
As well known the G&G 1951 Confederate 1851 round barrel is a brass frame.

Did the confederacy manufacture or import a
1858 Remington ( any cal) with a brass frame)

Obviously there are replicas of the 1858 with brass frames, but is that an original concept and manufactured firearm back in the day ?
No. Brass .44 and .36 Remingtons are strictly an Italian thing. Never happened in real life.
Very much thanks . I luv top notch accurate information.
That question about the 1858 REM brass frame revolver has plagued me since I have been a kid ! NO KIDDING …
But really great info. It would be a pleasure to pick up one of the Spiller / Burr replicas just to have something a little different.
Thank you again for all your input.
The Spiller and Burr was actually pretty much a copy of the Whitney revolver. The only real resemblance to a Remington is that they both are closed top frame designs with octagonal barrel. The Whitney used an odd cylinder base pin set-up to avoid treading on Remington patents and the Spiller and Burr copied that.
just don't buy a brasser unless you just want to hang it on the wall. they look pretty but don't hold up to real shooting.

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