1777 French musket

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Oct 20, 2003
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Anyone know how many 1777's were used in the Revolutionary War? We've got one with "rec Culpeper VA" (not exact--I'm writing from memory on this as gun is at my fathers)on the barrel and am trying to learn more about it. I know one French Unit (Rochembleu sp?) was armed with them. I am intrigued by the Culpeper inscription. One person thought it might have been put on in an effort to turn a Napleonic arm into a fake Revolutionary arm. It is a pre IX model. Any info or sources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Nov 23, 2003
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I'm afraid the answer might be "zero." Check out the above website. Lots of 1728 and 1763 were imported, but the 1777 was needed by France's own troops for their own battles.

Doesn't mean it's impossible a few made it in time. There were many French volunteers, from Generals on down, who could have brought weapons of their own purchase for their soldiers. The officers themselves, of course, would not be carrying long arms. How gauche.

There was an article in the American Rifleman magazine no more than maybe two years ago with information about french muskets in the revolution.I have a 1822 french musket that I thought was a 1777 musket until it was properly identified by the NRA staff.Some of them were probualy used at Yorktown by the French troops,which were newly arrived in the colonies

Most of the muskets used were of the 1728 pattern, with the 1763 modifications (also called Charlevilles). There were 1777 Carbines in use especially at Yorktown, according to[url] militaryheritage.com[/url], so it only seems natural that there were also 1777's, although in what quantity, is hard to say. As Charleville was one of the major factry's in France producing their muskets, presumedly the model 1728's in the States had Charleville of the plate instead of Etienne' or Maubeuge therefore the 'moniker'.
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