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SOLD 1700’s Virginia style hunting pouch. Hand made

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Sep 8, 2012
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I made this ‘Virginia’ style hunting pouch is made from veg tanned cow hide in 4oz thickness. 7 1/4 X 7 1/4, dyed brown with a soldered loop brass button for closure. I’ve hand stitched the welted seams with flax thread & fancied it up with 18th century stamping tools. There is a divider sewn into the bag, separating the interior into two large pockets. A Tedd Cash brass button, made in a period manner, serves to hold the flap down. The hand forged buckle rides on a 1” strap and gives plenty of room for adjustment. Patterned from an original made in Virginia this pouch is a solid mid 18th century piece, made with original tools, from original materials and with original techniques. It will serve you for decades. I would like $125 shipped to CONUS. I accept checks, money orders, cleverly concealed cash or PayPal at [email protected]
Thanks for your consideration


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