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  1. E

    Buying a completed Wheellock lock? or a complete firearm?

    Howdy yall Ive noticed a prominent trend here for buying wheellock locks. Obviously these mechanisms are finished into a firearm at some point. Are you guys buying locks to build the gun yourself? or having a builder do it for you? Is this just preference? or is there a real reason for it...
  2. E

    Hi all, new member with an interest for wheellocks

    howdy, I am new here. I have been looking into getting a wheellock, I know this adventure isnt going to be cheap. What is the best way to get into wheellocks? Is Bolek the way to go? or therifleshoppe? what can I expect? (it probably doesnt help that im undecided on a pistol, a rifle, or a musket).
  3. Canute Rex

    New Wheellock

    Last week I went down to Westhampton Massachusetts to see Len Day Sr. and Jr. and pick up my new wheellock. I thought I'd share my joy with you folks. This is a long saga that started with much pipe dreaming. I got kind of obsessed and started looking around for a maker. Of course, the world...
  4. J

    Non-firing Replica Wheellock

    Hello everyone, I am a collector and enthusiast of Renaissance-era weapons and armor, and I adore the Wheellock. I've been in the pursuit of non-firing Wheellock replicas, but they are impossible to find. They used to exist as souvenirs made in Spain. As a lover of reenactment, non-firing...
  5. J

    Non-firing Wheellock Replicas

    Hello all, I am an enthusiast of Renaissance-era weapons and armor, and I have always especially loved the Wheellock. I have only seen maybe 3 or 5 on the whole internet, but something recently intriguing me are Non-firing Replica Wheellock Pistols from the 70s. Something of a souvenir, so I've...
  6. J

    Vintage Replica Wheellocks made in Spain

    Hello everybody! I love and collect European Renaissance-era weapons and armor, and I love firearms of the time -- but especially, I have a thing for the Wheellock. I have only seen about 3-5 or so on the entire internet, but apparently there used to be non-firing replica Wheellock pistols made...