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  1. Le Loup

    A Woodsrunner's Day Part Two.

  2. Le Loup

    A Woodsrunner's Day Part One.

  3. Le Loup

    Anyone here Into 18th Century Living History?

    Like the title says, anyone here into 18th century living history? Keith.
  4. Le Loup

    Trail Foods.

    Trail Foods. Byrd. The Secret History. William Byrd II (March 28, 1674 – August 26, 1744) “The Portable Provisions I would furnish our Foresters withal are Glue-Broth and rockahomini : one contains the Essence of Bread, the other of Meat. The best way of making Glue-Broth is after the...
  5. S

    New Mexico Locals

    To those it may concern: I am located in New Mexico and I am returning to the Black Powder lifestyle. Currently, I am putting together, clothing, gear and a persona from the 18th Century. Are there any others in NM that are interested in trekking, crafting, shooting and/or general discussion...
  6. Le Loup

    Making Camp.