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  1. jdn262

    SOLD Unfinished Traditions Trapper 50 Cal. Kit

    Unfinished Traditions Trapper 50 cal. Percussion pistol kit. Was blued with a chestnut wood finish. No missing parts. Uses .490 ball with a 0.010” or .015” lubed patch. Assembly instructions located at
  2. A

    SOLD .62 Baker Rifle 1809 built by the Rifle Shoppe in 2005

    .62 Baker Rifle 1809 built by the Rifle Shoppe in 2005, is a lovely rifle with an English Walnut stock and Browned barrel. The rifle comes with the Sword Bayonet (built by TRS), Powder Horn Casting and Cleaning Set and case. There are period correct British stampings on the lock and barrel. The...
  3. B

    SOLD 45 cal flintlock

    Walnut stocked 45 cal rifle with colerain swamped round bottom rifling. Has peep sight and is a great shooter with 50 grains of fff. A light and skinny rifle. Think I used a l&r lock on this one with light single trigger. Have more pictures. Take $1250 shipped 38 inch barrel.
  4. sqqy14

    SOLD T/C lock, conversion flint to percussion

    Thompson Center percussion lock with drum and nipple. Converts Hawken, Renegade, White Mtn, Pennsylvania Hunter from flintlock to percussion. Lock functions fine. $50 includes shipping.
  5. D

    SOLD NEW Haddaway Flintlock

    Here is a new Haddaway flintlock(NOS) in excellent condition. Has only very light oxidation that should clean easily. Very high quality lock! About the size of a small Siler. Adjustment screw in tumbler for sear travel. Perfect frizzen-to-pan fit. $125.00 shipped via Priority Mail/Insured...
  6. james johnston

    SOLD traditions deerhunter flintlock

    real nice muzzleloader,has real good bore,24 in stainless steel barrel 1 in 66 twist....$220 or reasonable offer
  7. Historian

    SOLD Brass Flintlock Primer

    SOLD. For sale, Brass Flintlock Primer flask. Holds 200 grains of 3Fg or 4Fg. Slightly used. This is really for larger locks as it throws 5-10 grains of powder. $10.00 plus shipping from 35811.
  8. erhunter

    SOLD T/C Maxi Hunter 50 caliber bullets

    New, unopened box of T/C Maxi-Hunter 50 caliber bullets. There are 20, 275 grain bullets in the pack. Item #17007885 from T/C. $20 including shipping.
  9. T

    SOLD Custom kentucky pistol

    A very well built 1820s style pistol. Styled after one I saw in a book in the 1970s. .45 rifled bore,octogon to round barrel made by well known ML barrel maker Ed Rayl His barrels are in high demand. Maple stock with some nice figuring. Brass mounted,brass but cap,octogon thimbels, lock stamped...
  10. T

    SOLD 1851 Navy Sheriff .44

    1851 Navy .44, like new, fired one pistol match at my local M L. club. Color case hardened frame. No nicks, rust, bore like new. Inspectors stamp on left side of grips like the originals. Made by Pietta $295.00 plus shipping and ins.
  11. P

    SOLD Old MB and BR magazines

    117 Muzzle Blasts magazines mostly from 1977 to 1988, with six from1961; 29 Buckskin Report magazines from1980-85. $97.25 delivered (USPS), or $25 face to face. I'm in central Montana, but get to Wyoming a couple time a year.
  12. asbrown

    SOLD Trapper style pistol

    .45 cal trapper style pistol. 200.00 in parts. Make me an offer.
  13. asbrown

    SOLD 54 flintlock

    54 smooth bore pistol. 300.00 invested in parts. Make an offer.
  14. asbrown

    SOLD Underhammer

    Rice .36 cal 36" 7/8 Blue Grouse underhammer action 350.00 invested. Make me an offer.
  15. asbrown

    SOLD 20g flintlock for parts

    Colerain barrel, colonial Virginia lock, English style parts. Over 400.00 in parts. Can be disassembled and shipped without stock. Make an offer.

    SOLD CVA Mountain Rifle with RPL lock

    Very nice, cva mountain rifle in 50 caliber. I put an RPL replacement lock in it, I will include the original lock. Looking for steel framed black powder revolvers especially dragons. Also interested in flintlock pistols. Having trouble posting pics, message or text 801-652-2143 and I can...
  17. DAKurth1

    SOLD 1863 Lyman Zouave by A. Zoli with accessories

    1863 Lyman Zouave by A. Zoli with many accessories
  18. Richard Dittman

    SOLD T/C Grey Hawk Percussion 54 cal rifle

    This rifle has a stainless barrel with a Rynite stock. The barrel is 24” long with a 1 in 48 twist. The open sights are fully adjustable. It weighs approx. 7 lbs. The overall length is 41”. I have shot approx. 150- 200 round balls thru it. It in real good shape except for a little marring on one...
  19. sqqy14

    SOLD Pietta 1851 Navy .36 Cal Revolver

    Like new; steel frame, 7 1/2" barrel, walnut grips. Includes original box and papers, carrying pouch, .375" round balls, felt wads, nipple wrench and loading block. Check your local laws before purchasing. $225 includes shipping to lower 48.
  20. hawkeye hugo

    SOLD Longhunter knife with quilled sheath

    Selling a customized longhunter knife 12 " AOL, blade 7 3/8 made by Nathan Allen Fully quilled neck sheath on braintan deer, inner sheath from elk bark tan Quill braided straps and quilled neck piece length sheath 12" 695 $ shipping included to lower 48