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  1. D

    Kaido Ojamaa's 255 conical and the ROA

    I recently have come into possession of one of kaido's 255 grain conical molds. he was very easy to do business with and sent some additional supplies to test and review. however i am in need of some opinions. I started casting with wheel weights and pure lead to try and get a harder conical...
  2. Blackpowderart

    First Ruger Old Army questions...

    I recently purchased my first ruger old army percussion revolver. 1974, Blued, (edit) adjustable sights with the 7.5 inch barrel. Couldn't have been fired more than a couple cylinders worth. She's nice. What is the lowest powder charge one can shoot using balls without wads or filler? So far I...
  3. Dcrockett

    SOLD Ruger Old Army——-SOLD. SPF

    NIB, Unfired. Stainless. This is the adjustable sight version, 7.5 “ barrel . NO TRADES. $850 FIRM + shipping postal money order, PayPal friends and family, Venmo