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  1. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Gunmakers Fair at Kempton Event Tour

    The “Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair” created a legacy in Eastern Pennsylvania nearly 40 years ago. In 2020 the Dixon Family announced they would not be able to host the fair anymore, leaving a hole in the muzzle loading community of the area. Shortly after this announcement, representatives from the...
  2. O

    NMLRA Categories I'm Eligible For

    I'm new to muzzleloading and have acquired a Thompson Centet Hawken style rifle. The problem is my uncle who sold it to me had the rear site removed. In its place there's a scope and scope mount. I want to attend a NMLRA shoot and I'm not sure what category I can shoot in.
  3. E

    FOR SALE NMLRA Commemorative Ruger Old Army .44/7.5” Muzzle Loading Revolver

    Click here: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/874775683 Opening bid is $799 New in box, never fired, all original. I am the original owner (since 1974 when I was 8 years old, literally) of this rare collectible 1974 National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) Special Edition Commemorative...
  4. Ethan Yazel

    Frontier Reckoning: The Battle of Fallen Timbers | Muzzle Blasts Podcast

    This week we dive into the Muzzle Blasts Archives and bring you this article on the Battle of Fallen Timbers by Joshua Shepherd. For the new administration of President George Washington, the first few years of national governance had proved disagreeable. Mounting tensions abroad threatened to...
  5. Ethan Yazel

    Unboxing 2 Flintlock Longrifles from Mike Miller and Malchiah Pifer

    Today we're taking a look at the NMLRA Gunmakers Hall Incentive Rifles from Mike Miller and Malchiah Pifer. We can't thank these two craftsmen enough for their contribution and hard work. This year’s gun is a .45 caliber rifle that is patterned after an original Enoch Smith rifle from the late...
  6. Ethan Yazel

    How to make a sling for your camp axe or belt axe

    On this week's episode of Craftsman's corner from the NMLRA, we're going to show you how to make this small camp axe sheath based on an original from the 18th century.
  7. Ethan Yazel

    Up Close and Personal with an RW Wright Flintlock Pistol from 1977

    A friend of mine, Max Egolf stops by the shop to share some of his personal collection with us. This R.W. Wright flintlock pistol was built in 1977 and never fired until Max purchased it in 2016. The pistol features a 54 caliber swamped barrel, but from the looks of the rifling, this was once...
  8. Ethan Yazel

    Behind the Scenes of a Black Powder Maniac Video

    We were excited to work with Mark Humphries of the Black Powder Maniac Youtube Channel to host his annual New Years Day fun shoot at the NMLRA headquarters last week. We were able to see Mark working with fans that were new to blackpowder and old pros. It was a day of great fun and friendship...
  9. Ethan Yazel

    A look at an original Beck longrifle and 1900s ML history

    I wanted to share a look into some early 1900s muzzleloading history from the NMLRA museum this past September. Hope you enjoy.