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  1. K

    Boone's Trace Muzzleloaders club in SE KY

    We have a new club in Brethitt Co, Ky. Shoots are scheduled the first Sat of the odd numbered months (Jan, March, etc. )Yes, we shoot in winter! Reach us at 20ac.and clubhouse with electricty and water.
  2. Banjo1990

    Looking to get a flintlock long rifle!

    Howdy folks, I’m new to this forum but I’m really diggin it so far! I’ve been into black powder shooting off and on for quite some time but I’ve recently been getting back into it. So much fun and man have I missed it! However, I’ve never owned a flintlock rifle before. I’m looking for a decent...
  3. Griz44Mag

    New (to me) Maple Stocked Kentucky .45

    So I picked up this at auction, and when it came in I tore it down and found more issues than I had planned on. It has been sitting idle for about 40 years, stuffed with dried grease and oil. But after total disassembly and a few days, a few fixes here and there and a lot of scrubbing inside...