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  1. W

    Pushing For More Reasonable Hunting Regulations?

    (any mentions of fixed ammo are just for comparison and frame of reference, so don't gig me for that) Let's face it, the United States is a mess when it comes to regulation. That is no more apparent than when one looks into the hunting regulations of the various states. Most are highly...
  2. T

    Good place to buy a Jaeger rifle stocks?

    I have recently been persuaded away from building a dog lock musket. So I have been looking into building a Jaeger rifle instead. Track of the wolf has a large amount of parts, but they don't seem to have a stock for them. I'm planning on using a 31" .69cal swamped octagon barrel, and there...
  3. freedom475

    1st Model Dragoon Field Companion

    This spring I purchased a 1st model Uberti Dragoon from a very nice gentleman member here. And I thought some of you folks might enjoy some pictures and stories from my time with the big horse pistol. I have really gotten to know my Dragoon this summer while packing her around the ranch...
  4. B

    Pedersoli SxS Questions

    Hey, To get started, I wasn't sure what forum category this fit under, but hopefully this one will work. Now that that's out of the way; I'm just about to pull the trigger on a Pedersoli SxS but just wanted to do a little homework before I dive into it. I'm no stranger to BP, but this will be...
  5. Ethan Yazel

    Close Encounters of the Feathered Kind | Turkey Hunting with Veteran Hunter and Writer Dave Ehrig

    This week we’re talking with Dave Ehrig. Dave is the editor of Muzzle Blasts Archives, but he's also got decades of experience as a hunter, outdoorsman, and writer. In this episode, Dave lays out some helpful tips for anyone wanting to drop a turkey with their smokepole. It's not a lecture...
  6. Realwarrior

    Smoothbores, Turkeys, Trout and Morels

    Whose ready for some Turkeys Gobbling and Dry-Land Fishing for Morels? What's your plans for Spring hunting? I'll be hunting Ft Campbell, Kentucky, Tennessee and possibly Missouri and Virginia. I will definitely be taking a trip down on to a honey hole to Trout fish and turkey hunt. I can...
  7. Realwarrior

    William " Longhunter" Pittman

    My persona is that of my 7X Great Grandfather William Longhunter Pittman. William Pittman was a close friend and hunting companion of Henry Scaggs and a Veteran of the Battle of Point Pleasant and the Battle of Kings Mountain. My treks are actually multiday hunts for small game, deer, or turkey...
  8. H

    Muzzleloader success

    Shot this little mule deer last Friday evening. Second mule deer with a traditional muzzleloader, first with this Pedersoli percussion .50 cal. Very fun hunt, especially having my 10 year old son with me. Used 70 grains of Goex 3fg, CCI magnum #11 cap, .490 ball with .010 daisy patch from...
  9. Sean Gadhar

    Colorado Tags are out

    I got my Bear, Buck, & Cow elk tag Wife got her Buck & Cow tag We were both skunked last year, so the Freezers will be nearly empty by this fall. Good timing if we can connect. :)
  10. Two Feathers

    SOLD Roach Belly Camp/hunting knife

    For sale: Roach Belly patch, camp, utility, hunting knife. $70.00 +$8.00 s&h This knife features an overall length of 8-1/2” with a blade length of 4-5/8” and a width of 1-1/4” by 3/32” thick 1095 high carbon steel, and VERY sharp!!! The blade has some rust. It's High Carbon it rusts!!! I'll...
  11. Le Loup

    Guns & Stalking Horses.