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  1. Le Loup

    What Skills Do You Have?

    I am not claiming that every woodsrunner possessed these skills, but these are the skills our group members practice. How many of these skills do you have? Keith. Woodsrunner’s Skills. New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760. This is a list of basic skills in which we expect an...
  2. Le Loup

    More On Oilcloth and Canvas.

    "3 ells of linen for a tarpaulin" ~ Engage Francois Trotie, Montreal purchase, 1735 (Johnson, 5) "It rained heavily all night…We had to cover the pelts and the merchandise with the tarpaulin." ~ J. Dufaut, Manitoba, 1804 (Dufaut, 26) My article here...
  3. Le Loup

    Order from Sir William Johnson 1756-1757.

    Coming to Trade By John Buxton. A Specification of the Quality and Quantity of Goods necessary to be sent from London for the Northern Indian department. 20, pcs. of blue narrow Cord Strowds 10, ditto. of Black ditto. 5, ditto. of Aurora, or Crimson ditto. 5, ditto. of common Red ditto. 200...
  4. Le Loup

    Indian Goods List.

    By Frances Beck. My thanks to David Swampfox for this list of goods. In Public Record Office, C.). 5.61, London, England. Enclosed in a letter of Amherst to William Pitt, February 27,1761 p.334-335 Sir William Johnson Papers A list of goods intended for Northern tribes. A List of Such...
  5. Le Loup

    Making Camp.