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  1. I

    Attaching Sight to Thompson Center Hawken

    Hello, I really have no idea what I am doing, but I try. After tracking down an original sight for my kit Hawken, I now need instructions. How do I attach the sight? Do I need to remove the pin at the end then re-attach after the base is fixed to the barrel? Removing the height screw does...
  2. T

    Advice / Help with Removing Paint off of a Hawken Rifle

    Hello freetrappers! I acquired this Hawken from a good friend. He had difficulty selling thanks to this terrible tan paint job. You can see just a glimpse of the beautiful red finish underneath near the lock. Do you recommend using a heatgun or paint stripper? I'd personally go with the heat...
  3. waarp8nt

    Just Another Thompson Center Redo

    Gentlemen, I was fortunate enough to "Johnny Cash" together a Renegade one piece at a time. I've been wanting to redo a T/C Renegade into a Trade Rifle of sorts by reshaping the stock, turning the barrel and adding trade rifle like hardware. Since the parts were already shortened when I...
  4. Ethan Yazel

    Traditions Hawken Vs. Woodswalk | Muzzle Loaders in the field

    Pleased with this kit rifle’s performance on paper, I head up the trail for some woods walk testing. We're on one of the NMLRA "Woods walks" at the Walter Cline Range in Friendship, Indiana this week testing out our Traditions St. Louis Hawken just like the Mountain Men of the 1840s would...
  5. Ethan Yazel

    Sighting in my Traditions Hawken Kit

    These kits catch a lot of flak online, but the performance doesn't look too bad to me. I'm starting with the .490 round all and .015 patching with 50 grains of swiss. It's a loose load, but nice for plinking
  6. UndeadPoet

    CLOSED CVA .54 Hawken Barrel

    I have my original 1995 CVA St. Louis Hawken in .50 and I am looking for a .54 barrel for it. Mine is 15/16, 28” long, and has a button tang (rather than a hook tang). For illustrative purposes only, my Hawken is the rifle on the bottom in the pictures below.
  7. cebers01

    So I picked up this CVA Hawken and... Well, now what?

    Hello folks! I've been lurking and learning from everyone here, but I definitely want your advice and expertise on this new old piece. I'm a waterfowler, love shotgunning sports and really only shoot rifles at things I can eat most of the time... But I got bitten by the smoke pole bug and am...
  8. D

    I would like to identify this sight on my T/C Hawken

    Hi I'm curious what anybody has to say about this rear sight on my T/C 50cal.Hawken. Haven't had it very long. Seems to be for distances not close range, shoots high in the 25to50 yard range. Is it a normal rear sight for this gun? (I haven't seen this sight before) Front sight seems to be the...
  9. J

    PA Conicals vs Maxi-balls?

    Hi all, My 1:48 TC Hawken (.50 cal) doesn’t seem to shoot PRB particularly well after many patch/lube/powder combinations. Accuracy isn’t horrible but looking for better. Would like to experiment with either the 240 grain Hornady PA Conicals, or the 370 grain TC Maxi-balls next. Anyone have...
  10. STL Hawken Rifle

    Hawken Rifle Kits

    Has anyone assembled a Hawken rifle kit from the Hawken Shop in Washington state?
  11. Terry York

    Orion Percussion Barrel

    Hello very new to the forum and new again to BP shooting.... I have a custom built George Nelson .50 cal Hawken - a beautiful rifle. I asked for a round ball rifle and got an Orion 1:70 twist barrel, excellent shooter. Just looking for more information on Orion barrels.. I know the basics, from...
  12. D

    Rare TC Stainless Hawken?

    Hello I have been searching for years for a stainless barrel for my old pitted Springfield hawken and never had any luck I recently stumbled upon a stainless original made by TC with a “K237719” serial number. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I have scoured the internet and can...
  13. tc45dave

    Cabelas Hawken Nipple question

    What is the metal shroud around the nipple ? Can it be removed ? Not my rifle.
  14. tc45dave

    SOLD T/C Hawken .45

    Factory original T/C in 92-95% used condition. I bought this in 2017 and have shot less than 50 balls through this. Barrel thoroughly washed out and lubed after shooting. Selling this because I already have 2 Investarms in .50 that are my go to rifles. Comes with extra new nipple plus the barely...
  15. M

    Your opinions on caliber

    Recently I discovered a T/C Hawken 50 cal sitting in a pawn shop. It appeared in rough shape, but they really wanted to get rid of it and we made a really good deal. Finish on the stock was rough, dented and such, but after stripping the poly off, doing a sanded finish and hitting the brass...
  16. M

    Ted Fellows 50 Hawken Barrel tang not seating?

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with my 50 Hawken. I took the barrel off the stock ( I've done this before with no issues for deep cleaning etc.) And when I reassembled it the rear tang that is counter sunk into the stock sits up 1/8 inch or so. Not sure what to do here as the point is sharp and I...
  17. Zane Scott

    Doug Scott, in Memorium

    I am new here so please tell me if this should be elsewhere My grandfather, Douglas Scott worked in the St. Louis Hawken shop, shot for competitions, hunting, and sport, and built some guns independently. (in St. Louis, although during the early to mid 70s he did live in Arizona) He died about...
  18. waarp8nt

    FOR SALE CVA Hawken Hunter .50 Caliber

    I have for sale a CVA Hunter (hawken without the patchbox?) in .50 Caliber. It does not appear to have been shot (or is really clean if it has), the barrel is like new on the inside. Everything seems to function as it should. Cosmetically it is a project as the barrel has the blotchy finish of a...