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    Pushing For More Reasonable Hunting Regulations?

    (any mentions of fixed ammo are just for comparison and frame of reference, so don't gig me for that) Let's face it, the United States is a mess when it comes to regulation. That is no more apparent than when one looks into the hunting regulations of the various states. Most are highly...
  2. Le Loup

    Bourlamaque Papers, National Archives of Canada (1757).

    EQUIPMENT FOR THE OFFICER DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS: 1 capot; 1 blanket; 1 woolen cap; 2 cotton shirts; 1 pair of leggings; 1 breech-cloth; 2 skeins of thread; 6 needles; 1 awl; 1 fire steel; 6 gunflints; 1 butcher knife; 1 comb; 1 gun worm; 1 pair of moccasins every month; 1 tomahawk. For The...
  3. Le Loup

    Baynton & Wharton, Traders,1768.

    Winter Trade By Robert Griffing. Baynton & Wharton, 1768. I shall impatiently await the Arrival of our red Strouds &c, without which We shall suffer greatly in our Sales. Should any Accident have happend to them I recommend to you to send at least 100 Pieces of the already described Fabrick, as...
  4. Le Loup

    A List of Supplies for French and Indian Forces 1747.

    By John Buxton. Following is a list of supplies issued to a French and Indian raiding party in the winter of 1747, which was led by Commander Boucher de Niverville. This list has been, in part, re-translated by the author . Supplies for the six militia men: 6 pounds of gunpowder in bags of one...
  5. Le Loup

    A List Of Goods For Indian Presents. 18th Century.

    From a memorial from Benjamin Martyn, agent for Georgia, to the Board of Trade, Jan. 28, 1755. This is directly from a 1750 list of goods that was used to suggest what should be purchased with £1500 for Indian presents to be distributed to the groups bordering the colony of Georgia, reused by...
  6. Le Loup

    Order from Sir William Johnson 1756-1757.

    Coming to Trade By John Buxton. A Specification of the Quality and Quantity of Goods necessary to be sent from London for the Northern Indian department. 20, pcs. of blue narrow Cord Strowds 10, ditto. of Black ditto. 5, ditto. of Aurora, or Crimson ditto. 5, ditto. of common Red ditto. 200...
  7. Le Loup

    Indian Goods List.

    By Frances Beck. My thanks to David Swampfox for this list of goods. In Public Record Office, C.). 5.61, London, England. Enclosed in a letter of Amherst to William Pitt, February 27,1761 p.334-335 Sir William Johnson Papers A list of goods intended for Northern tribes. A List of Such...
  8. Le Loup

    Supplies for a French Mission. Part One.

    Although this is a list of supplies required for the running of a French mission, for those of us more interested in other interpretations it does give us some insight into what this person considers necessary supplies for the people living and working in a wilderness situation. "This is a...
  9. Le Loup

    Early Items in a Later Period.

    18th century clothing of the common man on the New World Frontier. Clothing styles on the frontier was slow to changes, and people had their own preferences and tended to make things the same way as they always had, this applied to women’s clothing as well as men’s. When recreating the early to...