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  1. pamtnman

    PA elk hunt results

    So we had six days to fill our elk tags here in the Pennsylvania general elk season, last Monday through today, which is essentially the firearms season for elk. With business and family commitments, I was able to scout last Sunday and hunt until closing hours Thursday. Three friends joined me...
  2. pamtnman

    Drew a PA elk tag, gonna need a ton o’ practice 😳

    Drawing a Pennsylvania elk tag, bull or cow, is a once in a lifetime event, if ever. Only 21 years passed of applying annually and accruing preference points before I drew a cow elk tag on Saturday. Immediately several friends called or texted me and basically said “I hate you, you lucky SOB.”...
  3. Petry45

    Indiana Newbie

    Hello from Indiana! I've lurked a while and finally joined. Love seeing like-minded muzzleloading folks. I'm particularly interested in muzzleloader hunting and getting youth involved.