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  1. nbk0861

    New to forum and getting back into black powder revolvers.

    Hey everybody. When I first got into bp I had only used a walker and then a dragoon in .44. bought a Remington a few years back and loved the quick cylinder changes on it but ended up giving it to a friend. I've recently picked up a traditions set with a brass 1851 navy in .44 because of a...
  2. longhunter49

    SOLD ASM 3rd Model Dragoon — SPF

    Hate to do this but medical bills are pressing... Selling my ASM Dragoon with extra grips and holster. The action has been smoothed with lighter weight springs installed. Cap shield also installed. I reworked the exterior , removing the barrel markings and giving it a used finish. Bore and...
  3. Wolfman0125

    Slixshot Nipple Replacement

    Will Slixshot Nipples work on a Colt Dragoon? Not Uberti or Pietta. If I’m not mistaken I think that the thread is different from Italian reproductions.
  4. Wolfman0125

    Colt Cochise Dragoon

    Not exactly traditional but I just bought this and it’s just too pretty not to share. Only 50 ever made.
  5. freedom475

    1st Model Dragoon Field Companion

    This spring I purchased a 1st model Uberti Dragoon from a very nice gentleman member here. And I thought some of you folks might enjoy some pictures and stories from my time with the big horse pistol. I have really gotten to know my Dragoon this summer while packing her around the ranch...
  6. O

    Colt Dragoon - 1st vs. 2nd vs. 3rd models

    I keep seeing and reading conflicting information about what distinguishes the difference in the models. Based on some homework, the variance is in the notching of the cylinder, and squared backside of the trigger guard. But, here's the confusion: different places tell me the 1st model does...