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  1. J Adams

    Erielhonan clothing question

    Hello, first post here, my question is. What was clothing like for the Erie Indians along the lake Erie coast in NY, PA and OH, during the early to mid 17th century?
  2. S

    Patterns and reference books on clothing

    Folks, This may be a better suggestion as an add-on to the "How-to" forum but I think it would be helpful to those looking to make their own clothing with less experience to have a pool of patterns and books in a PDF format to draw upon. Many books that have been suggested to me have been...
  3. Le Loup

    Bourlamaque Papers, National Archives of Canada (1757).

    EQUIPMENT FOR THE OFFICER DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS: 1 capot; 1 blanket; 1 woolen cap; 2 cotton shirts; 1 pair of leggings; 1 breech-cloth; 2 skeins of thread; 6 needles; 1 awl; 1 fire steel; 6 gunflints; 1 butcher knife; 1 comb; 1 gun worm; 1 pair of moccasins every month; 1 tomahawk. For The...
  4. Le Loup

    Supplies for a French Mission. Part One.

    Although this is a list of supplies required for the running of a French mission, for those of us more interested in other interpretations it does give us some insight into what this person considers necessary supplies for the people living and working in a wilderness situation. "This is a...
  5. S

    New Mexico Locals

    To those it may concern: I am located in New Mexico and I am returning to the Black Powder lifestyle. Currently, I am putting together, clothing, gear and a persona from the 18th Century. Are there any others in NM that are interested in trekking, crafting, shooting and/or general discussion...
  6. Le Loup

    Early Items in a Later Period.

    18th century clothing of the common man on the New World Frontier. Clothing styles on the frontier was slow to changes, and people had their own preferences and tended to make things the same way as they always had, this applied to women’s clothing as well as men’s. When recreating the early to...