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brown bess

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  1. Florida airgunner

    Rogers rangers musket photos please?

    Hi all. this is my first post although i have been reading on this forum for quite some time now. I'm planning on purchasing my first flintlock soon, and im thinking about getting the rogers rangers musket from military heritage. Its a cut down brown bess with a 34 inch barrel. Im about 5 foot...
  2. J

    Double barrel Brown Bess?

    Any ideas how this would actually work?
  3. S

    Real Brown Bess or Trade Gun

    wondering if this is a trade gun or an actual brown Bess musket that has been cut down. Don't seem to see any TOWER marks or date on the lock. Not sure if its been worn off or what. Haven't heard back from the auction company. link to the page here
  4. M

    Brown Bess frizzen gouge

    Recently I bought a brown Bess carbine (pedersoli) and noticed it has some gouging issues(?). I'm new to flintlocks and I'm unsure if this level of cutting is normal. The frizzen throws an excellent shower of sparks, though. I'm just worried this gouging is abnormal and prematurely wearing the...
  5. A

    Belgian Brown Bess repair

    Hail friends, An inexpensive brown bess has come up for sale, the only issue is that it needs some lock parts. Being Belgian in origin, I have no idea whether Track of the Wolf's parts will fit, and I am new to the hobby. Seeking opinions and suggestions regarding the attached photos. What...
  6. R

    12 gauge rifled slug out of Bess?

    Hello everyone, third ever post here. I am wondering if its a good idea to shoot 12 gauge rifled slugs out of my short land Bess. Its kind of just like a minie ball, no? Had a slug dud on me last year so I cut it open and took out the slug. It *just* fits down the barrel its not tight if the...
  7. Rubber Duck

    Fitting barrel to stock

    I'm trying to mount a round smooth bore barrel on to a new pre built stock, but sides of the barrel don't touch the stock, are the any ways to expand the side of the stock? I'm using this project to practice on before I buy the kit gun I want.
  8. snoutsugar

    Brown Bess Wanted

    Looking for brown bess preferably a TOW kit gun, built. Used ok. Looking for .775 bore Fair price Private message me Thanks