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  1. C


    Looking for a cva barrel for a kentucky long rifle percussion in .45 cal need to finish a project I started
  2. Powderandball

    Short barrel as powerful as long barrel?

    According to this experiment Educational Zone #66 - Shooting a Black Powder Pistol - The Box O' Truth A philadelphia derringer (3” barrel) loaded with 40 grains of BP is as powerful as a Kentucky pistol (10” barrel) loaded with 40 grains of BP. ”With a standard load, the Derringer was a weak...
  3. ormond tony

    cylinder pin entering barrel problem

    I have a 1851 pieta navy BP revolver. When I first got it, the barrel came off the cylinder pin easily when wedge was removed. After firing it about 60 times, the barrel comes off the cylinder pin until the last 1/2 inch where it sticks and requires a lot of effort to remove. I thought it was...
  4. C

    Wall thickness and chamber pressure

    I’ve seen old black powder revolvers with very thin cylinder wall thickness, like these cylinders for example: and this pepperbox has also resonable thin walls: Back in the days the quality of the steel was inferior, so it got me to wounder about the steels of today. What’s the minimum...
  5. j2adams

    Lyman Great Plains Rifle replacement barrel

    I am looking for a replacement .50cal percussion (right hand) barrel for a Lyman Great Plains Rifle. 1:60” preferably, but will take a 1:32” as well.
  6. pamtnman

    Results in on flexible bore light

    A month ago I was on a quest to find a way to both see deeply into the bore of a .54 barrel, and access it to fix any problems without removing the barrel and breech plug from the stock. The issue has been blown patches and increasingly bad accuracy, after the rifle first debuted with excellent...
  7. H

    SOLD Thompson Center Hawken 50 Cal Barrel

    This is for the bare barrel with Plug only. No sights, Rib, under lug. Selling because I am having a custom barrel made. Finish is about 95% Bore is Very Good. No Rust $120 Shipped More pic available upon request
  8. cachelapoudre

    WANTED Underhammer barrel, .50 cal

    Looking for a 50 cal. barrel for the Hopkins & Allen underhammer rifle receiver, Breech plug is 5/8 inch in diameter. Thanks