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  1. freedom475

    58 Colonial and The Bull Elk

    With first-light beginning to scatter the darkness of night, I can faintly see the buckskin shapes of the magnificent Wapiti moving quietly through the sage. The wind is perfectly in my favor. The lightly falling rain has softened the land, and silenced most of it's sounds. The smell of elk is...
  2. Pvt. J. Potts

    FOR SALE Derringer Rifle For Sale

    I have for sale this nice rifle made by Rod Gates of Cross Timbers, Missouri about 30 or 35 years ago. It has always been well cared for with minor use imperfections. It has harvested many whitetails, flintlock is reliable, it shoots straight and has nice wood. Rod estimated the value $1,500...
  3. Juniata

    58 cal, the gun that'll handle them all

    I had a thread started about this build back in the winter, but here is a video of me going over the gun and shooting it. I tried to keep it to the point and not go into to much depth about things that don't matter. Hope you enjoy it. Good luck this fall fellas!
  4. W

    SOLD 58 CVA Mountain Rifle

    I have for sale a percussion ignition CVA Mountain Rifle in .58 caliber. The barrel is a slow twist for round ball and has been coned using the Joe Wood tool (used to be available here on the ML Forum) to allow thumb starting of the patched ball. I have always cut the patches at the muzzle which...