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  1. paul v

    Who Used Fowlers?

    Cpt John Parker may have carried one at Lexington Parker Firearm
  2. paul v

    Any experience with this guy?

    Unfortunately Lynn is no longer weaving. Try Kris Polizzi, she does excellent work.
  3. paul v

    Loading blocks

    I've made a few the fish is .62 cal and the beaver is .50
  4. paul v

    The Weaving Welshman

    Feb 2018, Lynn wrote on facebook: Good morning all.Im sorry to say,I will no longer taking order for my straps.Im working for a holster company sewing holster.All of my time is fix on my job.I would like to thank everyone for the support you all have giving me over the years.I have made some...
  5. paul v

    rich pierce flints

    You could also try neolithics. They also have the white chert.
  6. paul v

    Hello from North Alabama

    Welcome aboard. I've got family in Decatur.
  7. paul v

    I arose to the sound of static

    Sounds like an awesome hunt. Congratulations.
  8. paul v

    Late season Illinois gobbler

    Beautiful bird and fowler. Congratulations
  9. paul v

    Spring Turkey Season and Limit?

    Here in Ct, we have from April 29th to May 30th, with a limit of 3 bearded birds.
  10. paul v

    Ct turkey opener

    Yes, 20ga fusil deChasse. It's a Larry Zornes lock and barrel, built by a member here (Keb) and sold to me by another member here (Pathfinder Ted)
  11. paul v

    Ct turkey opener

    Today was our season opener in CT. I got out to my spot around 5:30 this morning only to get caught by a hen walking along the field. After letting her wander off, I figured it would worth a try to set my decoys in the same spot. I was on top of a small hill with the valley in front of me and...
  12. paul v

    Fusil DeChasse

    I recently picked up a used one myself. The previous owner gave me a shot load of: 50gr 3f over shot card 1/2" fiber wad over shot card 75gr shot...
  13. paul v

    Christmas Doe

    Beautiful rifle and great doe. Best of luck out west.
  14. paul v

    Fowler Barrel

    I have a tapered round fowler barrel. The only markings that I can find are on the tang. They are 1 1/8-3/4 and L. Adkins. I know the 1 1/8 - 3/4 is the measurements of the taper, but have no idea about L. Adkins. Would anybody have any information? Thanks.
  15. paul v

    Fowler parts

    Thanks to the guys who have pm'd and replied to my question. This build was be a slow go, as time and funds permit. I was figuring on having all the parts by fall (like johnny piece at a time). After the new year, I'll reach out to those who have contacted me, and a few builders that...
  16. paul v

    Fowler parts

    I've begun collecting parts for an english fowler build. I will need to find a builder when the time comes. I'm considering a plain jane build with minimum carving and probably no inlays. Would it be better to purchse a blank or find a precarve to fit my barrel and lock choices (tapered round...
  17. paul v

    First shot at a deer

    Last friday, I watched four does come down the hillside next to me. These were the first deer I've seen in two plus years in my hunting area. I lined up the shot on the largest doe, pulled the trigger and watched the flash in the pan instead of paying attention to the sights. It happens.
  18. paul v

    loading block ideas

    Here's one I made up.
  19. paul v

    Newbie when to load question

    I have the same situation, I load mine (minus priming) just before I leave the house. If I don't shoot, I keep it loaded, usually in a cool spot (breezeway or garage) for the next day.
  20. paul v

    Golden Age Arms

    Unfortunately this particular one is a plain jane trade gun. Thanks for the info.