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  1. Hondo1224

    WANTED Flintlock Fowler

    Good day Gents, I am looking to acquire a Fowler. I recently finished a TOTW Jacob Dickert .40 and Ol' No. 9 needs a companion. My funds would range to the 1200 dollar mark. LOP needs to be 13ish. Appropriate styling for a mid to late 1700's persona. Flintlock only. I am open to bore, I would...
  2. Hondo1224

    TOTW Jacob Dickert

    Hey gang, Here are a few pics of a project just completed. A 40 cal. Jacob Dickert created from a Track kit with some modifications. I had help on the technical side and with the esthetics. The idea was to create an original looking piece. I am anxious to hear your thoughts. I’ve been lurking...