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  1. paul v

    Ct turkey opener

    Today was our season opener in CT. I got out to my spot around 5:30 this morning only to get caught by a hen walking along the field. After letting her wander off, I figured it would worth a try to set my decoys in the same spot. I was on top of a small hill with the valley in front of me and...
  2. paul v

    Fowler Barrel

    I have a tapered round fowler barrel. The only markings that I can find are on the tang. They are 1 1/8-3/4 and L. Adkins. I know the 1 1/8 - 3/4 is the measurements of the taper, but have no idea about L. Adkins. Would anybody have any information? Thanks.
  3. paul v

    Fowler parts

    I've begun collecting parts for an english fowler build. I will need to find a builder when the time comes. I'm considering a plain jane build with minimum carving and probably no inlays. Would it be better to purchse a blank or find a precarve to fit my barrel and lock choices (tapered round...
  4. paul v

    Golden Age Arms

    I'm looking at a Golden Age Arms trade gun with a Lott lock, probably made in the late 70's or early 80's. Can anybody give me any information on them? thx. Paul