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  1. medbill

    FOR SALE Confederate 1842 Springfield Musket Palmetto S.C.

    I've owned this model 1842 Springfield for over 20 years and its hung up on my wall all this time. I've been told its possibly a Palmetto Armory. It has a Robinson, S.C. 1852 stamped lockplate, smoothbore musket from South Carolina with an 1832 stamped breechplug. The lockplate stampings would...
  2. medbill

    SOLD FS: Douglas XX .50 cal 42" swamped barrel

    $250 plus actual shipping. Been sitting in the corner for a lotta years now, don't feel like hauling it to Idaho. Perfect bore, slow twist, comes with flared breech plug, 1.010" at breech, .900" at the muzzle. USPS Mo or paypal +4%.
  3. medbill

    SOLD NOS Sharon Trade Rifle Kit .54 cal in Original Box

    $650 plus actual shipping. Here is a time capsule! Sharon .54 cal trade rifle kit, some work already done from factory, breech already fitted and partially filed down, ramrod pipes and underlug installed. Selling this great kit thats been up on a shelf in my gun room for years. Downsizing to...
  4. medbill

    SOLD Mike Brooks 1/2 Stock Fowler 12ga Flintlock

    Parting with my beautifully engraved and wonderfully built Mike Brooks 1/2 stock fowler, 12 ga oct/round barrel 37", LOP a little over 14". This was once Mike's personal gun and its a used gun with a few bumps and bruises but in great condition. Beautiful patina on metal, light and quick...
  5. medbill

    SOLD Ron Scott Mule Ear Half Stock Hawken Bill Large Match Barrel .47 cal

    Selling my beautiful unsigned Ron Scott custom made half stock Hawken style percussion rifle with a mule ear lock and a 34 3/16" W.M. Large (Bill Large) barrel stamped W.M.Large, J.J.J.J. "L". The "L"is the designation for his match grade barrels. Ron Scott confirmed building this rifle and of...
  6. medbill

    FOR SALE Orig 1816 H&P Conv Musket M.T. Wickham Dated 1861

    This M.T. Wickham M1816 $1300 plus shipping/ins was a flintlock converted to percussion for the state of New Jersey by Hewes & Phillips, H&P. It is an early first model confirmed by its 1861 barrel date. The rifled bore on this musket is bright and shiny, which I find just amazing! I've had this...
  7. medbill

    Pics needed ASAP of Dutch Matchlock!

    Hey Folks, I am posting this for a classmate who is attending a gunmakers seminar with me and we need some pics of a Rifle Shoppe Dutch of the lock inside and out would be a great help. If you have any please email to this address and mention Dutch Matchlock pics for Gunmakers...
  8. medbill

    Need a good throwing knife and!

    Hey Guys, Have a friendly family competition coming up this winter and want to get to practicing now so I can hold my own against my brothers. Where can I get a good throwing hawk and knives as well as any links on how throw then successfully? Thanks, Bill
  9. medbill

    2011 NYS Muzzleloader Season Doe

    I know its late and it wasn't anything unusual just a nice big doe right down to the wire. Like the do when hunting in the northeast they just appear at a spot you were just looking at only seconds before and usually at around 50 yards or so away. After muzzleloader season that was it for me...