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  1. RhinoDave

    WANTED .390 RB mold

    Looking for a double or gang mold for a .390 ball. I would prefer to send money to someone has one sitting on a shelf instead of a big box store.
  2. RhinoDave

    Older photo posts

    I notice that all the links to older photo posts are broken. Is there anyway to restore them or are they gone for good?
  3. RhinoDave

    Traditions Pennsylvania refinish project.

    Time to start another resurrection. This rifle is in pretty rough shape appearance wise. All the original inlays were removed and the voids filled with some sort of epoxy. All the furniture is fitted very roughly and the patchbox looks like it was fitted with a steak knife. Looking for any...
  4. RhinoDave

    Two more project rifles

    Picked these up this week. Don't know how soon I'll get to them since I'm still working on my Mountain rifle. One is a Traditions Pennsylvania .50 cal.(painted) and a Hopkina and Allen .45 cal. Not sure what model the H&A is so any information would be welcome. Both will be complete teardowns...
  5. RhinoDave

    Wire inlay edge sharpening.

    Curious to know how the experts sharpen the edge of their wire before use. In the past I've just cut a slight indent along the edge of some scrap hardwood and used a jewelers file to sharpen the edge. This does take some time. Just wondering if there is an easier method.
  6. RhinoDave

    CVA Mountain Rifle refinish

    I just picked this up for a Winter project and would like a little input on redoing it. It's been a few years since I did another project and it looks like I'll have the time over the Winter to hopefully improve the looks of this one. It has a very clean bore and shoots well. In addition to...
  7. RhinoDave

    Cracked stock- need repair advice.

    This is a Richland Arms Yorkshire rifle. I would like to repair this without having to restock it. I'm thinking about running a dowel up through the rear trigger guard mounting area to hide it but I can't get quite as good an angle as if I went down through the wrist area which would leave a...
  8. RhinoDave

    Refinishing a TC Hawken

    I picked up a used Hawken that had been personalized with the intention of refinishing it as long as it shot fairly well. It passed the shooting tests so I am finally getting around to redoing it. The wrist is pretty thick and the side plates aren't very well defined so those are areas that will...
  9. RhinoDave

    Traditions Springfield Hawken

    I picked this up last week at a garage sale for cheap and managed to get to the range yesterday for a little practice with it. Between the rain storms and shooting a little skeet with a friend I only managed to get 8 rounds through it but there's a picture of the last three at fifty yds. I think...
  10. RhinoDave

    Enfield Musketoon. A garage sale special.

    Thought I would show a couple of pics of an Armi San Paolo 1861 model Enfield Musketoon I found at a garage sale. Barrel had some rust from poor maintenance but it cleaned up pretty well. Only some minor pitting near the muzzle. After one trip to the range, I got it down to a 6" group at fifty...
  11. RhinoDave

    Zouave sight recommendations

    Well, I finally got a chance to go out and shoot this Armi Jaeger Zouave rifle that I picked up over the Winter. I wanted to see if it would shoot patched RB since it has a fast ROT (1:32). I had .562 and .570 rb and .018 patches that I just used spit with. The .562 were a little too easy to...
  12. RhinoDave

    Richland Arms Colt

    I am looking at this Gun and would appreciate any information as to the quality and value of it. It looks like a 1860 Army model 44 cal. but with a full fluted cylinder. It is a Spanish made gun but I didn't get a look at the makers mark. The gun looks to be in excellent condition and is nice...
  13. RhinoDave

    #11 nipple for a 8mm x 1mm thread?

    Anybody know where I can get one of these for my Armi Jager Zouave? I would like to try CCI #11 magnums instead of buying regular musket caps. I've checked the standard online stores (DGW TOW) and my one local gun store that specializes in black powder supplies.
  14. RhinoDave

    My old guns

    Found a few pictures of kit guns I built years ago and thought some of you might enjoy them. I apologize for the poor quality but I am a lousey photographer to begin with and these are scanned pictures. Not quite traditional designs but I enjoyed doing them. T/C Hawken .50cal Hawken 50...
  15. RhinoDave

    Another Michigan newcomer

    New to the forum that is. I hope to gain lots of knowledge and information here so I can build a decent long rifle. Been lurking for about a month now ever since I picked up a C&B revolver and caught the bug to get back into black powder again. I was into muzzleloaders thirty years ago and...