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  1. Blaze

    Bearded bags.

    Thank you, I really do like the looks of the bearded bag. I may try to make one myself!
  2. Blaze

    Another Horn

    Nice horn and very thoughtful gift!
  3. Blaze

    Bearded bags.

    I'm not familiar with a "bearded bag" you mention in your post. Is that a typo or something I've never heard of? Always curious to learn something new...
  4. Blaze

    New Trade Gun

    Well done! Thank you for posting pics!
  5. Blaze

    PA flintlockin

  6. Blaze

    Birds Eye Stocked Flintlock I Just Finished

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Well done Sir!
  7. Blaze

    Plain white T's

    I too use old t- shirts for cleaning, cut squares into desired sizes. The cotton t- shirt material also works well for char cloth.
  8. Blaze

    New Trade Gun

    Congrats on your new trade gun, how about a pic or two for our viewing pleasure? Thanks!
  9. Blaze

    Help id Dog Head Rifle

    What a nice rifle, from limited knowledge on weapon looks like a Jeager style rifle that many would be proud to call their own. Good luck.
  10. Blaze

    SOLD Black & White Banded Powder Horn

    Very nice work on that horn!
  11. Blaze

    I'm back in

    Welcome from Michigan, you have a nice collection of rifles!
  12. Blaze

    New guy from Tennessee

    Welcome aboard from Michigan, also a newbie to this forum. Alot of good ppl and information available at your finger tips.
  13. Blaze

    Return to muzzle-loading hobby

    Welcome aboard from Michigan, your story resonates with plenty of us who have been shooting BP for years.
  14. Blaze

    SOLD Used Black Bianchi Cavalry Holster (Ohio)

    I believe I can answer my own question but I'll ask anyway. Would that holster fit a 1847 Colt Walker?
  15. Blaze

    Tennessee rifle

    Nice looking rifle for sure. Enjoy!
  16. Blaze

    First build

    Very nice work!
  17. Blaze

    Mojave Muzzleloading!

    Very nice kit there smokey!
  18. Blaze

    One little piggy went to market.....

    Great hunt and beautiful rifle, congrats on your hunt!