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  1. Jeff Kaufmann

    Queen Anne pistol

    Hi all, back in the middle of January I ordered a set of castings from E.J. Blackley and son of their Queen Anne pistol kit. Well the parts are finally completed and in the mail! I received a photo of my castings from Kevin at E.J. Blackley today via email that I thought that I would share. I am...
  2. Jeff Kaufmann

    Finished up my newest shooting bag

    I had some random leather sitting around and decided that I needed a new shooting bag. I ended up patterning the shape of it with a square salad plate from the kitchen that had a nice size and shape, cut out three pieces the same size for the front flap, back, and cut an inch and a quarter off...
  3. Jeff Kaufmann

    Does anybody know what type of needle this is?

    As the thread title asks, wondering if anyone knew what this type of needle is called. I had tried searching Google with a number of different terms and came up empty.
  4. Jeff Kaufmann

    Blackley Queen Anne pistol

    Hello all, I am currently awaiting a Queen Anne pistol kit from E.J. Blackley. The pistol is a breech loaded turn off or screw barrel type. The intended RB is supposed to be .63 caliber swaged fit, with the breech of the pistol measuring .625 caliber which tapers to .60 caliber at the...
  5. Jeff Kaufmann

    Thanks all for having me

    Hello from Minnesota and thank you for having me! I got into historical reenactment a couple of years ago and have my first flintlock on the way. Have handled and shot them before, but this will be the first that I own. I ordered a set of castings from a circa 1740 turn off barrel Queen Anne...