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  1. nhmoose

    2020 How does your garden grow

    Milky spore [nematodes] works against the tater bugs and jap beetles. Though said not good for your corn crops
  2. nhmoose

    SOLD Turtle Ball bag.

    Just trying to help, I love your items.
  3. nhmoose

    SOLD Turtle Ball bag.

    Flat rate boxes go to Alaska and HI sames as lower 48 price. Don't cheat yourself a sale.
  4. nhmoose


    SS I used to ship 100 plus long arms a month. They only guns messed up were the ones of the vocal buyer saying I don't want a hard case. However 1 n a hard case was damaged heavily. The cardboard had a dual tire track on the outside. UPS stated I packed the pieces to close. I said what pieces...
  5. nhmoose


    I'd blame the shipper. It should have been in a hard case.
  6. nhmoose

    is it ok to store black powder in crawlspace?

    Black powder storage just needs dry. Attics will work Dry is the needed part. It will not break down from heat or cold. Smokeless needs cool and stable temps. Don't get confused by the smokeless guys ideas.
  7. nhmoose

    Hello From New Hampshire

    Welcome Dave from just above the Lakes region.
  8. nhmoose

    Hello From New Hampshire

    There are no public ranges in NH. Only a few commercial and many, many clubs F&G uses the money from the excise taxes for every thin else.
  9. nhmoose

    Type of weapon native Americans fighting with the French use?

    5 days ago Amazon credited my refund. I got a ship notice then Amazon did the refund on their own. Obviously they know there is a problem and they don't just fix it. So no book oh well.
  10. nhmoose

    2020 How does your garden grow

    None , Zero of our winter squash has come up. Acorn, butternut and delics. Replanting and hope with new seed will produce.
  11. nhmoose


    On-Line has many sources of Actual Black Powder. Plus many others just a search away.
  12. nhmoose

    4F Black Powder Question

    So am I and posting as I read the post. Still you are emotional about it.
  13. nhmoose

    4F Black Powder Question

    I've been in BP since the 70's and also never heard of him. I have been in the gun Business for years, I know many in it and still don't know Mad Monk. Is he the guy from Knight Rifles???
  14. nhmoose

    4F Black Powder Question

    What forum and just who is Mad Monk? You seem to be the very emotional one in this thread. Why?
  15. nhmoose

    Is .45 enough for black bear?

    A feeder barrel is used to bait bear. That is why. Don't like baiting then don't hunt in a stand over one.
  16. nhmoose

    Help refurbishing original powder flasks please

    Stop now before you ruin them more.
  17. nhmoose

    4F Black Powder Question

    Well Bye
  18. nhmoose

    Flintlock Snobbery

    Yup Like I said ordered.
  19. nhmoose

    Black Powder Shooting Books

    I fell for Falada’s 120 grn loads for a 54 rifle for a while. Found the load af 70 grains much better with less kick. However I never had to shoot at big game at 100-150 yards as in NH and New England 50-60 is far. Bull moose I shot in Maine at 25-30 yards had complete penetration, video shown...