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  1. S.Kenton

    Newest horn project

    I have 5 that I may sell later this month
  2. S.Kenton

    Newest horn project

    I think I’ll like this enough to keep it!
  3. S.Kenton

    Newest horn project

    Thank you! I’ll post more pics tomorrow ... I’m off all week for Independence Day shutdown.. so I should get a lot done.
  4. S.Kenton

    Newest horn project

    I’ve roughed it out and will start finishing scraping, sanding and shaping the tip later this week. What’d ya all think?
  5. S.Kenton

    Took the Lanc to the range today.

    U might try an over powder card as well.. that might shrink your groups some.
  6. S.Kenton

    CLOSED 62 cal/ 20 ga smoothbore

    What length of pull are you looking for?
  7. S.Kenton

    WANTED Fowler (especially New England Style)

    If so I may have one right up your alley, 13-1/4 inch length of pull, 42 inch 20 gauge. Beautifully carved. Colerain barrel, L &R queen ann lock. The curly maple with steel aged hardware. She’s a BEATIFUL gun and shoulders amazing. I’m 5ft 10 and then LOP is a little short for me...I’ll send...
  8. S.Kenton

    WANTED Fowler (especially New England Style)

    Still looking for a fowler?
  9. S.Kenton

    WANTED Fowler (especially New England Style)

    Ken does Some OUTSTANDING work...
  10. S.Kenton

    SOLD Steel 1858

    Ha.. try telling that to local classic car club!
  11. S.Kenton

    When you have a beautiful muzzleloader....

    I chalk it up to use.
  12. S.Kenton

    First horn

    Try some fieblings dark brown leather dye, apply using the cotton applicator, wipe off right after you apply the last stroke of color, don’t let the color dry and wipe Off while still wet.Then wet sand with some 1000 grit or even less sandpaper... it will give it a nice lightly antique...
  13. S.Kenton

    First horn

    Well whatever you decide to do with it from this point on... just know this, that horn you just built... in my opinion is one of the nicest “ first builds” that I’ve seen. Good job! Keep going... can’t wait to see it when your totally done.. and then the second and third horn... etc, etc.
  14. S.Kenton

    Scratch affecting accuracy?

    I’d shoot it and see, but I highly doubt a scratch would do much to affect accuracy. In time, depending on the depth, you may even see it dissapear.
  15. S.Kenton

    First horn

    The more I look at that white faux ivory, the more I think that a brass Drawer pull would really set that horn off! That would also make a nice strap attachment point as well...not taking anything away from your horn, but I think the contrast with dark buttplate, throat and the white body of the...
  16. S.Kenton

    First horn

    The only thing I think is change is the pins... I’d tap them in. Other than that, it looks absolutely fantastic!!
  17. S.Kenton

    Fill it with Water and Pour it on the Yard

    I’d dump on the yard, as there is no where near enough to leach in the water supply to do much of anything. Makes good fertilizer, as does pyrodex.. ask me how I know..😉
  18. S.Kenton

    What school, area, or time period does this rifle represent?

    I think it has potential for sure, I wouldn’t be afraid of adding a nosecap and leaving An 1” Or so of barrel exposed as you described.
  19. S.Kenton

    I have this old knife, what is it?

    Whether it’s old or if it’s new, it sure is nice!